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International Exhibition & Art Logistics


The international transport and project processing of artworks, exhibition goods, and entire exhibitions, belong to the area of sensitive and valuable goods as well as to one of netcon's three core competencies. 

This sector is handled by our Art Logistics division and our registered trademark "Fine Art Logistics"

By the successful implementation of comprehensive and internationally admitted projects of namable artists, galleries and museums, we exactly know what is important for the involved parties - exhibitor, lender, borrower - harmonize these requirements and translate them, from the first inquiry until the operative implementation of every involved step, into the language of logistics. 

Based on the often involved timely pressure as well as the fragile and delicate goods, the most frequented mode of transport is the airfreight. Airfreight solutions are very reliable, time effective and the right choice in various situations. 

But especially when the cargo is not time-critical, exhibitions with great volumes, dimensions, and high weights are involved, ocean freight solutions come into place and present a very safe, cost-effective and highly frequented option in Art Logistics. 
So, next to the handling by airfreight we provide and serve our customers, with our qualified and experienced staff from the sector of ocean freight logistics and seaworthy packing and stowing, with high-class services and further provide a wide range of logistical side services, to ensure the entire processing from Nail to Nail

Overview of Art-Services:

  Export-packaging (wooden-, climate- and carboard-boxes)
  Transport-packaging (soft)
  Ocean freight and airfreight solutions
  Europe-wide and international land-traffic 
  Seaworthy packing and stowing of container and cargo carriers
  Airfreight packaging
  Documentation and project support
  Transport- and exhibition insurance (incl. ocean freight)
  Storage services
  Courier services (same day delivery)
  Customs clearance (import, export, transit, CARNET ATA)



Scroll down to learn more about our namable references! 

As prestigious Art Forwarding Company and based on a close and trustful collaboration we provide our customers with the possibility to hand over control of all logistical matters and to focus on the essential topics of business. Every day.

Consequently, we are very proud of namable customers placing their full trust in us for very interesting and international Art Projects:  

  Studio Anthony "Tony" Cragg
  Otto Waalkes
  Gallery Geuer&Geuer Art
  Julian Schnabel
  Studio David Gerstein

  Ludwig Museums
  Armin Müller-Stahl
  Leon Löwentraut
  Studio Heinz Mack
  Michael Patrick "Paddy" Kelly

In case of any specific questions or inquiries in the sector of exhibition- and art-logistics, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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