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Dangerous Goods (class 1.1G) - Pyrotechnics for Cannes

29.07.2019 14:06
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netcon int. brings comprehensive pyrotechnics festival to Cannes, FR

Dangerous Goods Transport - Pyrotechnics for Cannes, FR

The international recognized FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL D'ART PYROTECHNIQUE is since 1967 well known for a unique pyrotechnics show in front of
a remarkable scenery at the French Riviera. 

It is annually visited by a great number of interested visitors as well as namable pyrotechnicians from all over the world - USA, Sweden, Germany,
Philippines, etc. 

Our team of netcon int. GmbH DG-Industrial joined also this year indirectly and convinced by a spot landing in the matter of logistical processing
for our valued customer and Swedish starter from Göteborgs Fyrverkerifrabrik 

The international transport of pyrotechnics (Dangerous Goods Class 1/ Explosives) is always a special task for all involved. It requires to match a wide
range of legal requirements and guidelines - started from certified packaging via documentation to the right equipment, staff and transport processing. 


Thus, we appreciate the confidence our customers put in, acknowledge the great and professional cooperation and looking forward to the next event
together. Good luck for the voting - we by ourselves voted with 5 of 5 starts, for a stunning show!  


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