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Disposal Project of about 500mt of Waste Blasting Sands

12.10.2020 12:14
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Processing of a comprehensive disposal project incl. waste classification, packaging, transport and disposal services

Disposal Project of 500mt Blasting Sands

In the first half of 2020 netcon int. GmbH implemented a comprehensive disposal project with its department „Global Waste Solutions“.

The subject of this project was about 500 mt of a free-flowing waste product from industrial manufacturing processes that had accumulated over the years and should be disposed at short notice. In addition to the transport services netcon int. GmbH performed additional services such as the proper classification of the waste product, new packaging, and professional disposal, always in accordance with the applicable waste regulations.

Both, in the field of national waste transports as well as in the sector of international transport solutions for hazardous waste products, netcon int. GmbH „Global Waste Solutions“ is a competent and reliable contact that handles a variety of services such as waste analysis, waste classification, the international Basel notification, transport by sea, land, and air as well as the disposal itself.

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