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netcon int. GmbH "Defense & Explosives"

08.04.2021 15:00
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Official trademark registration

netcon int. GmbH "Defense & Explosives" is officially registered as trade mark

netcon int. GmbH is well known as a specialist in the international transport of dangerous goods, such as lithium batteries or chemicals, and has established itself on the international freight forwarding market for many years as a competent partner for dangerous goods transport as well as extensive project and supply chain solutions by ocean freight, airfreight or land traffic. 

In addition to the dangerous goods classes 2 - 6, 8 and 9, netcon int. GmbH has specialized with its department „Defense & Explosives“ in dangerous goods class 1 (explosives and objects containing explosives) as well as the transport of civil and military armaments, ammunition, and further equipment.

Now, this field of business has been officially registered as a trademark.

With this registration, netcon int. GmbH wants to consolidate and underline its serious appearance within this extraordinarily demanding market.

This field of business covers a wide range of cargoes from both the civil and the military sectors. While the military sector is mainly dealing with armaments, equipment, vehicles, and ammunition, the civil sector is dealing with much more than weapons and ammunition for the sports and hunting market, or special forces.

For example, the civil sector includes cargoes such as airbag propellant and belt tensioners or safety systems for the automotive industry, propellants for the aerospace industry, explosives for road construction and mining, and fireworks or pyrotechnics for other technical purposes.

Against the background of the high responsibility that comes with such transport, the legislator places correspondingly high demands on the competence, licensing / approval, training of the personnel, and the equipment.

netcon int. GmbH „Defense & Explosives“ offers ist customers a unique structure for this special kind of loads, as well as extensive and highly specialized transport solutions based on the relevant regulations in national, European, and international legislation (KrWaffKontrG, Sprengstoffgesetz, Waffengesetz, ADR, IMDG, RID, IATA, ADN, waste law, etc.).

Please feel free to check our corresponding subpage „Explosives & Dangerous Goods“ or contact us directly for any inquiries or queries.

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