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International Lithium-Ion Battery Logistics

01.01.2021 12:00
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Global takeback- and transport concepts for damaged and non-damaged lithium-ion batteries

International logistics for intact and damaged Lithium-Ion Batteries

The international transport of lithium-ion batteries is increasingly becoming the focus of automotive and industrial groups.

Not only the sector of ​​intact lithium-ion batteries for industrial systems, electric motors, and other battery-operated vehicles and objects becomes more and more popular, but also the demand for appropriate solutions for international transport, proper recycling, and professional disposal of so-called end-of-life and defective/damaged batteries and batteries declared as waste, increases dramatically.

The subject of battery transport by ocean freight, land transport, and airfreight freight is special in many ways.
Because not only the international ADR regulations and other international dangerous goods regulations such as the IMDG or IATA code contain special and particularly extensive requirements on packaging, declaration, documentation and equipment. The International Basel Convention on the cross-border transport of hazardous waste continues to regulate the transport as well as import, export and transit from the waste law perspective. In the past year of 2020 netcon int. GmbH "Global Waste Solutions" and "DG-Industrial" successfully handled a large number of international battery transports. netcon int. GmbH also provides its customers with an international return concept for the recycling of defective and end-of-life batteries, perfectly suited to your requirements. 

We are at your disposal at any time for specific queries or inquiries on the subject of "battery transport".

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