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Special Services

Special Services


Exactly suited to your individual requirements.

The supply-chain-management belongs to netcon’s core-competencies and requires, due to its extensive and dynamic scope of challenges, always special attention in all steps of the logistical processing from shipper to consignee and further.

For the steady maintenance of the so called “supply-chain” this sector requires a detailed planning, diligent implementation as well as frequent optimization in all logistical instances.

netcon int. GmbH places special emphasis on a close and trustful collaboration with its customers and other involved parties in order to ensure ongoing process optimization and to implement the supply chain as an efficient, steady and reliable concept.

Our long-term experience in the sector of supply chain management of class 1 hazardous as well as general goods makes us an exceedingly reliable and committed partner who understands the priority of your requirements.

Let us talk about your individual requirements and to build a non-binding concept of a competitive and intercontinental solution - get in touch! 

Door-to-Door Service

A part of our supply-chain-solutions are the door-to-door shipments which involve almost the entire logistics chain from the ‘door’ of the shipper to the ‘door’ of the consignee incl. final import clearance in the country of destination.

Depending on individual requirements and circumstances following services can be realised:

  Door-to-door transportation (door of shipper/door of consignee)

  Door-to-port transportation (door of shipper/receiving port)

  Port-to-door transportation (shipping port/door of consignee)

Multimodal Transports

Multimodal transportation (also known as interrupted transportation) involves a multiple point transport chain with at least two different carriers (e.g. ship and truck) performing the shipment.

Intermodal transportation is related to multimodal transportation and involves the shipment and transshipment of the cargo being carried out using standardised transport units (e.g. containers or flat racks).

This type of transportation is used for almost every form of sea freight due to local conditions (e.g. shipper/consginee).

However, the strain on individual transport routes and other time-related aspects may be factors that would make multiple-point transport chain the ideal solution (e.g. switching from road to rail, during Alp crossings).

As established service provider in the sector of worldwide multimodal transportations we support our customers with all our know-how and experience.

Express & Just-in-Time Deliveries

For urgent goods or tight schedules, we also offer our customers express & just-in-time deliveries by various types of vehicles.

Using our extensive network, we can rapidly prepare and send short- or long-distance consignments depending on the distance, cargo scope and organisational expenses.

Express deliveries primarily refer to the modes of transport truck/road and aeroplane.

Our just-in-time service is suited to hazardous good shipments, direct deliveries and short storage timeframes.

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