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International Arts and Dangerous Goods Logistics

About - netcon int. GmbH

netcon int. GmbH is a highly qualified and modern forwarding company, located in North Germany and primarily specialized in international transport solutions and supply-chain-management concepts for sensitive goods, such as ExplosivesDangerous Goods (in general), Permit-Related and Valuable Goods.

Through netcon's two main business areas "DG-Industrial" and "Fine Art Logistics", the company focus is on the implementation of comprehensive, flexible, and efficient forwarding solutions as well as logistical side services from the sector of ocean freight, airfreight, and land transport.   

Based on a strict customer-oriented business policy, netcon int. GmbH is focussing on the development of mutual business aims to establish long-term, collaborative, and trustful business relations.   

In a sector of highest quality standards as well as special technical and legal requirements, netcon int. GmbH has internationally grown to a recognized Art and Dangerous Goods Forwarder and became an established and admitted counterpart who is moving a wide range of special goods for a namable base of customers from different industrial and cultural areas:   

  Dangerous Goods Logistics - DG-Class 1 (Explosives)
  Dangerous Goods Logistics - DG-Classes 2 to 6, 8, 9
  International Waste Logistics - hazardous & non-hazardous Waste
  Civil and Military Defence Equipment
  Permit-Related Goods

  International Logistics of Fine Arts 
  International Fair & Exposition Logistics
  International Logistics of Antiques and valuable Goods


Based on very comprehensive legal and technical requirements in the sector of explosives, dangerous goods, defense equipment, and art logistics, netcon int. GmbH belongs to a small circle of specialized service providers and makes the company, based on various years of experience, a particular certification, a good market knowledge and a comprehensive network of established partners, to an integral counterpart in the matter of international logistics. 

What makes us special?

Unique Selling Proposition – USP

Next to the specialization in the previously named cargo-types, netcon int. GmbH is focussed on a strict customer-oriented and collaborative policy with clear and frankly communication, to consider logistical requirements on an integral level and provide solutions which are fully matching customer's requirements.  

Based on extraordinary flexibility, apart from standardized processes, the collaboration exceeds the simple processing of a contractual term and results in steady and sustainable business relationships. 

"We are available for our customers and provide them with the feeling to be welcome with their needs and take care of them. This is how we define "service" and this is how we process our business, from the first inquiry via the project processing up to the mutual finalization."
Tjardo Frei, Managing Director


Become familiar with our services – fast and at a look – in our comprehensive service-overview – Circle of Competences

Your and our Aspiration

Your and our aspiration to a professional forwarding-service provides the base for a successful cooperation as well as our corporate company philosophy:

Diligence – both in the sector of special and sensitive goods as well as in the sector of conventional goods, we place special attention on a diligent mode of practice, in every step

Reliability - a basic requirement that became less relevant in the modern world - we remain the same!

Know-How – beside the national and international technical requirements and legal regulations, the international transport of special and conventional goods is further subject to a range of individual and customer-specific challenges – based on internal resources, several years of experience and a tight global network, we offer in-depth knowledge and remains at your disposal for a wide range of different goods
Commitment - for us, this means understanding, investigating, questioning, briefing, implementing, instructing, advancing, fighting and supporting - it means we do not simply „work something off“, but rather pull out all the stops to achieve the very best

Flexibility - even in times of a high pricing pressure we avoid the handling by standardized processes and stand by customer's side with a maximum of pragmatism and flexibility 


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