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Explosives & Defense
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International Explosives and Dangerous Goods Logistics

netcon int. GmbH - Defense & Explosives

Dangerous Goods Logistics - Class 1 (Explosives)

The national, Europe-wide and international transport of dangerous goods class 1 - explosives - belong to one of netcon's core competencies. 

Both, the transport by ocean freight, land traffic, and air freight, as well as the packaging, equipment, documentation, and staff are subject to a wide range of comprehensive legal and individual requirements as well as strict controls. 

Based on various years of experience in the sector of international dangerous goods logistics, special and governmental certifications, a in-depth knowledge of applicable regulations - such as IMDG, IATA-Code, ADR, Weapons- or Explosives Act - as well as a reliable network of class 1 business partners, netcon int. GmbH provides a wide range of high-class logistics solutions, worldwide. 

Our namable base of customers from various economic and industrial business areas - Automotive, Chemicals, Aerospace, Mining, Pyrotechnics (and further) - describes us as a steady reliable, competent and very dedicated partner, who knows where to put the focus on in international explosives logistics.  

DG Class 1 Separation:

  1.1 - mass explosion hazard (MEH)
  1.5 - very insensitive substances, MEH
  1.2 - projection hazard - non MEH
  1.3 - fire hazard, radiant heat w/o air pressure - non MEH 
  1.6 - extremely insensitive articles - non MEH
  1.4 - minor risk of explosion

as well into the compatibility-groups: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, (K), L, N, S

Key Competencies and Cargoes:

   fireworks and pyrotechnics (F1 - F4)
   black powder and blasting agents and propellant
   cartridges for weapons / for technical purpose
   blasting equipment
   explosive waste material / goods for demilitarization

   air- and ocean freight solutions
   Europe-wide land/ADR-transportations
   temporary and steady storage solutions
   seaworthy stowing and packing of cargo carrier
   permit applications and consulting

netcon int. GmbH - DG-Industrial

Dangerous Goods Logistics – Classes 2-6, 8, 9

Next to the sector of class 1 logistics, netcon int. GmbH is focussed on international logistics of Dangerous Goods, classes 2 to 6, 8 and 9. 

These goods and articles are very present on the market, with high volumes and various different types. They are subject to a wide range of different legal requirements in regard to the transport itself as well as the packaging, equipment, documentation, storage, and staff. The logistical processing underlies constant supervision by the competent authorities - customs, trade control, water police (further) - and must be done by certified and special trained staff. 

As established and experienced counterpart and service provider in the sector of international dangerous goods logistics by ocean freight, air freight, and land traffic, we provide our international customer base with excellent and comprehensive transport services as well as a wide range of logistical side services from the sector of customs clearance, storage, seaworthy stowing, and further.  



Dangerous Goods Class 2 to 6,8, 9, are separated as follows:

  Dangerous Goods Class 2.1: flammable Gases
  Dangerous Goods Class 2.2: non-flammable/toxic gases
  Dangerous Goods Class 2.3: toxic gases 
  Dangerous Goods Class 3: flammable liquids
  Dangerous Goods Class 4.1: flammable solids (*)
  Dangerous Goods Class 4.2: spontaneously combustible materials (*)
  Dangerous Goods Class 4.3: substances that emit flammable gases (*)
  Dangerous Goods Class 5.1: oxidizing substances
  Dangerous Goods Class 5.2: organic peroxids
  Dangerous Goods Class 6.1: toxic substances
  Dangerous Goods Class 6.2: infection substances (Cat. A)
  Dangerous Goods Class 6.2: biological substances (Cat. B)
  Dangerous Goods Class 8: corrosive substances
  Dangerous Goods Class 9: miscellaneous dangerous goods

Competencies of netcon int. GmbH:

  fuels / oils
  lithium batteties
  dangerous waste products
  colour / lacquers
  acid / cleaner
  further dangerous articles

netcon int. GmbH - Global Waste Solutions

International Logistics of hazardous Waste Materials

The international transport of waste products is, depending on the type and mode of transport, subject to various and strict national and international requirements. 

While National shipments of non-hazardous waste products just involve minor requirements, is the international transport of hazardous waste products for removal or recycling - for instance, explosive waste products - subject to very comprehensive, strict and strong controlled requirements and legislation. Beside the international waste legislation further and different requirements apply and cause extensive technical and administrative effort. 

Based on in-depth knowledge and a strong network of business partners netcon int. GmbH provides its customers in this very special sector with reliable and comprehensive waste project-solutions, from the classification, proper packaging and notification via international transport solutions by ocean freight, airfreight and land traffic, up to the competent disposal.

Competencies of netcon int. GmbH:

  domestic German and Europe-wide waste transport by street and rail
  international waste transport by ocean freight and airfreight
  waste products for disposal
  waste products for recycling (yellow, green and non-listed)
  hazardous (*) and non-hazardous waste products
  waste products which include dangerous goods (incl. explosives)


  waste of explosives and pyrotechnics (class 1)
  waste of dangerous goods classes 2 to 6, 8 and 9
  printed circuit board (PCB) and electrical waste
  goods for demilitarization
  scrap metal 
  further products

netcon int. GmbH - Defense & Explosives

Civil & Military Defense Logistics

The international transport as well as import and export of permit-related goods from the sector of civil and military defense equipment is part of netcon's core competencies and handled by the department and registered trademark "DG-Industrial"

Based on several categories these types of goods are separated to, the transport is subject to various different national legislations as well as individual requirements from airlines, seaports, transit countries and further institutions, which makes the proper knowledge essential for a smooth processing on a domestic and international level. 

As an established proper certified counterpart for international forwarding solutions in the sector of dangerous goods class 1 (explosives) as well as military and civil defense equipment, netcon int. GmbH serves a namable and international customer base with high-class ocean freight, airfreight and transit solutions, from door to door.  


Competencies of netcon int. GmbH

  international transports by ocean freight, airfreight
  international transports by street and rail
  application of relevant permits
  seaworthy packing and stowing of cargo carriers
  customs clearance (import, export, transit)
  storage services
  documentation as per IATA, ADR, IMDG, RID, ADN


  sports- and hunting ammunition, weapons, equipment
  military goods
  ammunition, weapons and equipment for authorities
  target practice
  forbidden items as per German Federal Criminal Police
  waste material from the sector of ammunition and weapons
  goods for demilitarization

netcon int. GmbH - Defense & Explosives

Storage of Explosives, Dangerous Goods & Ammunition

The proper and law-conformable storage of dangerous goods and defense equipment is subject to special restrictions and a steady supervision of the authorities.

netcon int. GmbH offers its customers the storage in certified and - if required - guarded facilities for long- or short-term.

These facilities allow us to provide storage services for the following goods:

  dangerous goods class 1 – explosives
  dangerous goods class 2-6, 8, 9
  goods as per Weapons Act
  goods as per War-Weapons Act
  customs bonded storage


netcon int. GmbH - Defense & Explosives

Europe-wide transit Permits

The intra-European transport, transit, export or import of Explosives, Waste Materials, Civil or Military Defense Equipment and further goods, is, subject to a wide range of permits and authorizations.  

Based on the proper governmental certification as well as a tight European network of business partners, netcon int. GmbH provides relevant German and European transport permits for several goods.   

Relevant permits:

  European transit permits for explosives
  transfer and shipment permits in accordance with the German Weapons Act
  transfer and shipment permits for prohibited items, ammo and weapons
  transfer and shipment permits for military goods
  route determination permits
  transshipment and storage permits from individual port authorities
  waste notifications

netcon int. GmbH - Defense & Explosives

Seaworthy Packing and Securing of Cargo Carriers

The seaworthy packing and stowing of cargo carriers such as containers or pallets is an essential part of every sea-, air- or land-based shipment to protect the cargo and its environment. 

Especially in the sector of hazardous goods class 1 (explosives) and dangerous goods in general, the involved parties put special attention on the proper securing to ensure the safe trip for the cargo and its environment. 

Such shipments must also comply with individual guidelines and official, internationally-applicable regulations and, in the case of class 1 hazardous goods (explosive) in particular, goods need to pass through specific monitoring bodies before they can be released for despatch and subsequently shipped or transported.

Next to the stow itself, netcon places attention on the following points:

  condition of the cargo carrier/sufficient certification
  use of approved dunnage/lashing material
  fumigation of cargo carriers (if required)
  packing certificates must be issued
  sealing of the cargo carriers by customs
  sealing of the cargo carriers by the shipper
  correct labeling of the cargo carrier

Based on the steady implementation and our comprehensive experience in the sector of stowing and securing, we exactly know what is required in regards to ahead mentioned points and the safe arrival of the goods.

netcon int. GmbH - DG-Industrial

Documentation as per Dangerous Goods Legislation

Complete documentation that complies with all the applicable national, European and international regulations is a basic requirement for every cargo of hazardous goods by sea, land or air. 

Based on several years in dealing with dangerous goods, netcon int. GmbH provides its customers with all the required documentation to ensure the smooth processing from door to door. 

International DG-regulations:

  IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code)
  IATA (International Air Transport Association)
  ADR (Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road)
  ADN (Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Inland Waterways)
  RID (Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Rail)
  Waste Legislation

netcon int. GmbH - DG-Industrial

DG Consulting & Project Planning

The transportation of hazardous goods and related activities, such as storage, transshipment and documentation, are subject to strict laws, requirements and controls on a national and international level, which is why expert planning is essential.

The ever-changing circumstances and a multitude of regulations, laws and restrictions on individual loading, discharge and transit ports/countries, mean that there is not always a permanent transportation solution when it comes to transporting hazardous goods.

Our many years of experience in international land-, sea- and airborne logistics for hazardous goods mean that we always have the latest information at our disposal and are in a position to devise, finalise and implement the optimal solution for your cargo.

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