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Land Transport

Land Transport

Street Transportation

Due to their flexibility and versatility, trucks are one of the main modes of shipment and form a major part of international logistic services.

Based on our comprehensive network of partners and available vehicle types, we provide our customers with a wide range of flexible and reliable road-based solutions in the pre-, main-, and on-carriage for almost all kind of cargoes and circumstances.

Our transportation skills include the following goods, amongst others:

  Conventional cargoes
  Hazardous goods class 1 - explosives
  Hazardous goods class 2-6, 8, 9
  Heavy loads
  Wide- & extra-long project cargoes
  Bulk cargoes
  Standardised cargo carriers (containers, flat racks etc.)
  Rolling cargoes (Ro-Ro)

Next to the handling of specific cargoes we are furthermore offering solutions for
specific circumstances, such as time-pressure or just-in-time orders:

  Just-in-time deliveries
  Express deliveries
  Permits for road transport (e.g. route determination)
  Escorts (police, military - Europe-wide)
  Civil escort & support vehicles (BF2, BF3)
  Removal of street furniture

Available vehicle types:

  Semitrailers (box/tarpaulin)
  ADR - EXII & EXIII vehicles for hazardous materials
  Flatbed-trucks, semi flatbed-trucks
  Vehicles with loading crane & forklift
  Delivery-vehicles (e.g. Sprinter)

Rail Transportation

In many cases, rail-based logistics provides a cost-efficient, environmentally-friendly and reliable alternative to conventional road-based transportation over medium and long distances:

  Pre-carriage port of export
  On-carriage to final destinations
  Main run between two locations

The extensively developed railway network on a national, European and international level provides many transportation options to almost every European seaport, inland port and logistics location. Destination or departure points without a direct rail connection can also be effectively completed by using truck transportation.

We have individual, intermodal solutions for special circumstances and requirements concerning cargoes, transport routes, destination/departure points and transhipment options.

Our rail freight skills include the following goods, amongst others:

  Conventional cargoes (e.g. on pallets)
  Hazardous goods class 1 - explosives
  Hazardous goods class 2-6, 8, 9
  Project cargoes (heavy and wide-load cargos)
  Bulk cargoes
  Containerised cargoes
  Ro-ro cargos (roll-on, roll-off)

If you require any support in the sector of land transportation by street or railway, don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions or to build an individual transport solution.

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