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Logistical Side-Services
We complete the supply-chain, from A to Z.


Customs Clearance

Clearing goods through EU customs or other European state customs departments is a sensitive and complex topic that requires special care and attention, preparation and expertise. A range of information must also be provided for the purposes of handling, preventing time (and economic) losses and in order to comply with national and international statutory guidelines.

Our international network of tested and reliable contractual partners and service providers enables us to ensure your goods and shipments pass smoothly through customs and customs clearance can be easily integrated into our transportation chain.

netcon int. GmbH has expertise in the following areas (amongst others)

  Import clearance

  Export clearance

  Transit clearance

  Clearance for non-EU countries within Europe

  Clearance for third countries (on request)

  Temporary clearance



Our customers are provided with a range of individual options on a global level for short- or long-term storage of logistical goods using our own resources and those of our partners in the following areas:

  Outside storage
  Sheltered outside storage
  Warehouse storage
  Customs storage (indoors/outdoors)
  High rack and floor storage
  Hazardous goods warehouse/bunker

Our storage areas are qualified for the following cargoes, amongst others:

  Goods under customs supervision
  Dangerous goods class 1 – explosives
  Dangerous goods class 2-6, 8, 9
  Heavy and out-og-gauge loads
  Konventional general cargoes
  Container & flatracks
  Defence equipment

Mobile Crane & Forklift Service

For the transshipment of general cargoes at shippers or receivers door, as well as for the turnover of heavy-goods and oversized components, we are offering 
our customers a wide range of services, equipment and supporting vehicles, matching all requirements and circumstances:

  Manual & electric lifting cart (low-/high-)




  Hydraulic lifts


  Mobile-/tele-cranes (+ 100t)

  Floor protection

Ask us, to receive more informations about our possibilities.

Seaworthy Stowing and Packing

The seaworthy stowing of cargo carriers, such as containers, flat racks or pallets, is an important part of every sea, air or land-based freight shipment (rail or road) and is essential for protecting the cargo and it’s environment (e.g. rolling movements of ships or truck braking manoeuvres).

Such shipments must also comply with individual guidelines and official, internationally-applicable regulations and, in the case of class 1 hazardous goods (explosive) in particular, goods need to pass through specific monitoring bodies before they can be released for despatch and subsequently shipped or transported.

Besides sustainable load securing, the following points concerning seaworthy storage must also be observed for transportation:

  Condition of the cargo carrier/sufficient certification
  Use of approved dunnage and lashing material 
  Fumigation of cargo carriers (if required)
  Packing certificates must be issued
  Sealing of the cargo carriers by customs
  Sealing of the cargo carriers by the shipper
  Correct labelling of the cargo carrier
  Correct weight distribution

As experienced partner in the sector of securing and stowing of cargo carriers as well as packing and crating of goods, we exactly know what matters to ensure the safe arrival of the goods. 

Following services belong to the competences of netcon int. GmbH:

  Seaworthy stowing of containers and flat racks
  Plywood and solid wood crates
  Container slide-in floors
  Anticorrosive coating (alu- & shrink-wrap)
  Mobile packing teams
  Dangerous goods packaging

We are looking forward to discuss this step in a personal conversation and to issue an individual loading plan. 


For particularly valuable or sensitive cargo, we provide our customers with the option of concluding suitable cargo insurance for individual transport routes or entire projects

Depending on requirements, we are able to provide insurances covering the following sub-areas:

  Anticipated profit

  Added value



  Taxes & duties

  Miscellaneous costs

We and our partners will be on hand to provide you with specialist advice.

Surveys & Inspections

Inspections and surveys may be a basic requirement for exporting to certain countries or for the use of specific cargo carriers. They may also be performed voluntarily, such as on the basis of a contractual agreement to act as legal and qualitative safeguards.

Our services in the sector of surveys and inspections covering a wide range of individual requirements and is almost worldwide accessible.

netcon int. GmbH provides services in the following areas:

  Pre-shipment inspection (PSI)

  Safety approvals for containers (container safety convention/CSC labelling)

  Cargo inspections

  Loading/unloading controls

  Cargo safety appraisals

  Damage to goods

  Transport planning

If there are any queries or specific inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Consulting & Project Planning

Logistical projects and even single shipments and transports are not only in the sector of sensitive goods a complex topic. Especially for non-specialist customers from other industrial sectors, the logistical topics can be a challenge causing issues.

For this purpose, we are always on hand to provide customers with advice on planning individual orders and setting up entire supply chains from door to door.

In addition to our main task of handling logistics, customers can benefit from additional points of contact from various divisions: insurance, surveys/inspections and other secondary logistical services.

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