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A specialist in international ADR-/dangerous goods transports

netcon int. GmbH – DG Industrial

The European and worldwide transport of dangerous goods by road is complex in many respects and regularly poses major challenges for the economic operators involved.

The transport of dangerous goods is regulated on a national level by sea, land, and air by the Hazardous goods transport act (GGBefG) and in conjunction with the ADR (European agreement on the international carriage of dangerous goods by road) on an international level.

In order to be able / allowed to transport a dangerous substance or object commercially, it must be clearly classified. Basically, dangerous goods are class – divided into nine different classes of dangerous goods, while some of them can be further divided into subclasses and compatibility groups – e.g. Class 1 „Explosives“; Division 1.1 „Substances or objects which are capable of mass explosion“; compatibility group D „ detonating explosive substance or black powder“ – 1.1D.

You can find a detailed overview of the various dangerous goods classes under the following link in our INFOPOOL.

Each dangerous good is additionally provided with a unique UN number (also called substance number), which means that, in addition to the generally applicable dangerous goods regulations, individual regulations for a specific dangerous product can also be determined. These provisions relate, for example, to ADR-compliant dangerous goods packaging, documentation (e.g. transport documents according to ADR), mixed loading bans, marking and labeling of packages, containers, and vehicles, permitted quantities, training of the personnel involved, features and certification of the vehicles and equipment.

In short, the ADR dangerous goods regulations control in detail all factors that have an influence on the safe transport of dangerous goods, and these are also strictly monitored by the controlling authorities.

In addition to the ADR dangerous goods regulations mentioned above, there are in many cases additional regulations and legal bases that must be considered for the transport of dangerous goods. For example, the national explosives act applies to the transport of pyrotechnics/explosives (dangerous goods class 1), the REACH regulation and, if applicable, the dual-use regulation for chemicals, the national or international waste law for goods declared as waste or the explosives and weapons law act for ammunition.

Here it is important to mind once again that not all regulations apply across Europe and that many laws are regulated at the national level. In the case of transit through different EU states, for example, this means that the goods/transport are confronted with different legal situations, all of which must be brought into line.

The department „DG – Industrial“ at netcon int. GmbH is familiar with the handling of international ADR / dangerous goods transports for several years and has a wide range of specialist knowledge, a comprehensive wealth of experience, and well-known reference projects in international transport.

In addition to the pure transport service - from sprinter vehicle to 40t box trucks - netcon int. GmbH also offers its customers the Europe-wide application for transport permits, ADR-compliant packaging, and documentation, the temporary storage of dangerous goods of various classes as well as the planning and processing of more comprehensive and permanent transport solutions.

We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have - contact us.

Do you have a (dangerous) cargo? We have a (safe) solution!

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A personal audience with the president of Senegal

netcon int. GmbH – Fine Art Logistics

As part of an international Art and Exhibition Project of the artist Heinz Mack in Dakar (Senegal), the artist himself and the organization team  - including Geuer & Geuer Art Gallery, netcon int. GmbH Fine Art Logistics, UNESCO ambassador Ute Ohoven, the German ambassador as well as the art expert and moderator Wolfram Kons - were invited to a personal audience with President Macky Sall in the presidential office.

Needless to say that it was a special honor for everyone involved which we want to draw attention to again retrospectively via our newsfeed. The exhibition in the IFAN Museum of African Arts itself took place with a great public interest and showed a colorful mixture of the artist's repertoire - paintings, statues, installations - as well as a small collection of historical, African masks and statues.

The current head of government Mahammed Boun Abdallah Dionne opened the exhibition together with the artist Heinz Mack, the German ambassador Stephan Röken and Dirk Geuer from Geuer & Geuer Art. The opening ceremony was broadcasted live on the Senegalese television.

netcon int. GmbH Fine Art Logistics accompanied the exhibition from nail to nail and performed its complete variety of services in addition to the pure transport services such as seaworthy packaging, customs clearance in Germany and Senegal, insurance of the artworks on their transport route as well as the de - /
installation works. An exciting and challenging project for all involved.

We are looking back to a very unique and challenging exhibition, with great people involved, and we are looking forward to the next common project - anywhere in the world!

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Official trademark registration of „Fine Art Logistics“


netcon int. GmbH – Fine Art Logistics

Since its foundation in 2016, netcon int. GmbH is specialized in international transport- and project solutions of sensitive goods, goods subject to permission, and hazardous materials.

This specialization is based on various years of experience in international project- and transport-management solutions of explosives and pyrotechnics (class 1), hazardous goods classes 2-6, 8, 9 (ADR-Goods) as well as other sensitive goods from the sector of hazardous and non- hazardous waste materials, defense equipment, and cultural goods.

Despite the fact that all of these goods mutually require a very sensitive handling and in-depth knowledge about packing and packaging, documentation as well as legal and individual requirements during the export, import or transit processings by air- and ocean freight, there are still very clear differences between industrial and cultural goods.

Due to these different requirements and the extraordinary demand for our logistical services, netcon int. GmbH decided to separate the two business divisions structurally at an early stage and divided them into the „Fine Art Logistics“ and „DG – Industrial“ business divisions.

With this step, we ensure that we can offer our customers a safe, reliable, and solid logistics-service, not only in regards to the transport itself but also in regard to the structural requirements of a reputable art transport company.

In line with this, in the future, we will handle the entire spectrum of international art logistics with our now officially registered brand „Fine Art Logistics“. We‘re offering our clients the whole range of logistics services such as professional art packing and packaging, storage of artworks, international art transports by ocean freight, air freight, rail or road as well as the involved customs formalities or project handling of extensive art exhibitions on an international level.

We are proud of the official entry in the German patent and trademark register and looking forward to the coming projects.

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Logistic projects & supply chains – we keep on working!

netcon int. GmbH – DG Industrial

The global Covid-19 crisis is causing major economic losses in both the German and international markets and companies worldwide facing extraordinary challenges and problems.

A lot of companies from trade and industry are forced to partially or completely shut down production or trade which leads to losses for both the companies themselves as well as their partners from the supply and service industry.

The logistics industry is also affected by the current situation and has to struggle with the effects. The global market is weakened and tonnage in the land-, air- and sea freight transport decreased remarkably as well as authorities and companies in the logistics industry sometimes work only to a limited extent which causes considerable delays - e.g. when processing permission applications or customs clearance.

But even during these times some of the companies and production sides continue to operate under difficult circumstances accordingly the dependence on the reliable supply of raw materials and logistics services becomes more and more important.

We continue to support our customers with reliable logistics services!

With certain precautions netcon int. GmbH keeps on working and our team continues to provide our customers with reliable logistics solutions for the delivery of goods as well as the supply of needed materials by land, air, and sea.

Especially in the field of explosives and the transportation of dangerous goods, in general, the logistics chains are subject to increased requirements. However, even under these special conditions we are able to support the worldwide economy due to our established transport routes and our strong partner network.

Even in the event of unpredictable situations such as last-minute changes in timetables, production processes, or cargo clearance we are able to react quickly due to our strong logistical structure so that we can offer our clients storage capacities or other supplementary logistical services for example.

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Logistic solutions to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, UAE

netcon int. GmbH – DG-Industrial

In February some representatives of our dangerous goods department had been guests in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, to talk to our valued Arabian business partners personally about past projects as well as current and future (dangerous goods-) supply chains and logistical processes in order to potential optimizations.

With over three million inhabitants and more than 15 million visitors a year, the impressive city at the Persian Gulf has developed into the economical, cultural, political and touristic hot spot of the Emirate and represents an important sales market for a wide range of German and European companies with various products – such as from the chemical industry.

With one of the world’s largest airports – Dubai International Airport (DXB) – and one of the world’s largest artificially created deep-water / container ports – Jebel Ali Port (15 million TEU ( twenty-foot equivalent unit ) per year – Dubai has an excellent logistical infrastructure by air and sea for a wide range of conventional and dangerous goods.

Depending on the export location we supply our German, European and Arabian customers with excellent ocean and air freight logistic solutions via our Northern German and European seaports and airports. Further to the logistical operations in Europe, we can offer additional and large-scale after-sales services due to our strong partner structure and these ensure the complete supply chain - from the consignor to the consignee.

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Transport of Michael Patrick Kelly's "Peace Bell"

netcon int. GmbH - Fine Art Logistics

netcon int. GmbH is moving Michael Patrick Kelly's PeaceBell on its tour through Europe!

From the 3rd. of November 2019 to the 5th. of Janunary 2020 the so-called "PeaceBell", an artistical masterpiece of the artist Michael Patrick Kelly, is exhibited in the Ludwig Museum in Koblenz

As a sign of peace, the PeaceBell was created exactly 100 years after the end of the first world war and thereby it includes a very special and important message for the present time.  

We are proud to be part of this project and we're wishing great success to the artist and the team of artStar Verlag

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East Frisian Cooperation - Popper Folkerts Foundation

netcon int. GmbH - Fine Art Logistics

During these days netcon int. GmbH processed a comprehensive Art Exhibition by one of the most considerable East Frisian Artist "Poppe Folkerts", from the island Norderney to the Urban Museum Kalkar. 

On the picture, we can see the grandchild of the 1949 passed artist, Mr. Hayo F. Moroni (right), as well as our Managing Director Tjardo Frei, who visited the impressive gallery for the packaging works personally. 

The Art Exhibition "von Meer, Fluss, Land und Leuten", taking place from the 15th. September to the 5th. January, in the Urban Museum ob Kalkar -
On one hand, we are very pleased to be part of such an important project and artist for the region, and on the other hand we would like to thank Mr. Moroni for the very kind and interesting contact. 

We are looking forward to future projects together! 

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Pyrotechnics/Fireworks for Cannes, FR

netcon int. GmbH - DG Industrial

In our current project insights, we already mentioned and reported about the spectacular show as well as the great and annually pyrotechnics-project  FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL D'ART PYROTECHNIQUE, in Cannes, France.

The international transport of dangerous goods class 1 (explosives) - in this case, pyrotechnics of class 1.1G, 1.3G, 1.4G - is both, for ocean freight, land traffic and airfreight, subject to a wide range of strict legal and technical requirements, concerning to staff certification, equipment, vehicles, packaging, and documentation.

As specialists for the international transport of dangerous goods and explosives, we are exactly aware of what is required for the smooth processing of such a movement, and provide our customers with high class and reliable solutions.

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Exhibition of Armin Müller-Stahl, St. Petersburg, RU

netcon int. GmbH - Fine Art Logistics

This year netcon int. GmbH was privileged to process a very special and namable Exhibition- and Art-Project. 

In the spring of 2019, as part of the German Week, the exhibition "Dialogue of Generations" took place in the Pushkin Museum of Saint Petersburg

The artist and Oscar-nominated actor Armin Müller-Stahl, as well as the gifted young artist Leon Löwentraut, presented in total 93 of very unique and valuable works on two floors.

The transport itself took place from two locations in Germany and included the whole and entire processing from nail to nail, including packaging works, insurance arrangements, import and export customs clearances (CARNET ATA) as well as setup and downsizing work.  

Both, the transport as well as the exhibition itself were, based on very professional involved teams and a unique location in the historic premises of the Pushkin Museum, a great success. 

We are looking forward to future cooperation and wishing the artists great success in the future!

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