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International Projects and comprehensive Supply-Chain Solutions

The international processing of comprehensive logistical projects of dangerous goods, waste material, and further goods subject to permission, belongs to the core-competencies of netcon int. GmbH and is handled by the department and registered trademark "DG-Industrial".   

Do you have a (steady) cargo? We have a (steady) solution!

Which cargoes do we move?

  Dangerous goods - class 1 (explosives, pyrotechnical items)
(e.g. cartridges for technical purpose, blasting agents, distress signals)
  Dangerous goods - classes 2 to 6, 8, 9
(e.g. chemicals, lithium-batteries, paints)
  Hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials
(e.g. damaged batteries, green listed waste, goods for demilitarization)

  Civil defense material

(e.g. Sport-/hunting weapons, ammunition, equipment for special units)
  Military components and defense equipment
(e.g. equipment, ammunition, defense systems, military training)
  Further permit-related goods
(e.g. prohibited items, ammunition, and weapons as per Weapons Act)


As specialists for the planning and processing of comprehensive supply-chains and projects by ocean freight, airfreight, and land transport, netcon int. GmbH has established a professional, unique infrastructure, know-how as well as a tight global network of certified partners, to provide its customers with individually suited solutions for a wide range of special goods and requirements. 

With a maximum of flexibility and years of experience in the sector of dangerous goods and permit-related cargo logistics, netcon int. GmbH has become a strategic and important logistics-partner, for a namable base of international customers.  

Key Competences:

  International Supply Chain Management Solutions 
  Aerospace project-solutions (e.g. propellant-deliveries) 
  Multimodal logistics solutions
  International disposal and waste management projects
  Military projects and exercises
  Industrial project processing
  Comprehensive insurance services
  Consulting and detailed planning 

Do you have a (special) cargo? We have a (special) solution!


As a dedicated and certified member of the WCA World Cargo Alliance, netcon int. GmbH has access to a pool of over 850 risk-managed partner locations in over 190 countries - worldwide. 

In line with this, netcon int. GmbH provides comprehensive and specialized services from the sector of explosives, waste material, hazardous goods, and defense material, on the highest level of requirements and professionalism. 

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