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Ocean Freight
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International Ocean Freight Solutions

Our Ocean Freight department provides comprehensive and global transport solutions for a wide range of different cargo-types - from conventional break bulk goods to hazardous and non-hazardous waste products to dangerous and explosives materials of various kinds. 


Liner Shipments (Full and Less Container Load)

Thanks to regular departures by our independently selected partner shipping companies, we serve almost every national and international port around the globe thereby providing customers with secure, reliable and comprehensive shipping services for a huge range of general, sensitive, dangerous, and permit-related cargos around the entire world.

Our long-term transportation skills include the following goods:

  Conventional cargoes / break bulk goods
  Ro-Ro cargoes (roll-on / roll-off)
  Hazardous goods class 1 - explosive materials
  Hazardous goods classes 2 to 6, 8, 9
  Defense equipment (civil/military), components and munition
  Haz- and non-haz waste material

Next to the main-carriage by liner vessel itself, we furthermore provide a wide range of logistical side services, such as customs clearance, road freight or seaworthy packing of cargo carriers, to ensure the entire processing from shippers to receivers door.

Learn more about our comprehensive side-services:

  Logistical-Side-Services         Pre- & On-Carriage

Charter-Shipments (full & part-charter)

Chartering a whole vessel, or partial load, from the tramp market is especially suited to high quantity cargo (e.g. bulk/mass goods), special regulated goods and circumstances (defense equipment, explosives, waste materials) or oversized and heavy-load project cargos.

Depending on cargo requirements, it may be possible to individually tailor the type of chartered vessel or conditions - freight space/costs, timeframe, chartering time period, type of cargo vessel.

Our expertise covers the following cargos:

  Break bulk cargoes
  Hazardous goods class 1 - explosives
  Hazardous goods classes 2 to 6, 8, 9
  Containerised cargoes
  Hazardous and non-hazardous waste material
  Project-related cargo

Based on our long experience in the international ocean freight business, we know the market quite well and do have the right connections to a pool of chartering brokers, vessel owners, and forwarding-partners, to find the proper tonnage, for the right cargo, at the right place and time. 

Turnover, Port- & Terminalhandling

In addition to the import- and export-handling in one of our German and European seaports, we also offer our customers international transshipments of a wide range of different cargoes, such as project cargoes, containers, ro-ro cargoes or hazardous goods via scheduled and chartered ships.

Individual port requirements and handling methods in the field of customs clearances, terminal handling or delivery and collection methods can pose significant difficulties if handling is incomplete or incorrectly performed. This may lead to financial loss and delays, which is why you should always have an expert verify the procedures.

Our expertise covers the following services:

  Applying for specific port numbers
  Customs pre-declarations (e.g. in the case of goods requiring permits)
  Steps required by customs for approval (e.g. taking custody)
  Issuance of specific documents
  Accounting via specific IT-Port-Systems

Containerised General Goods

Today, a large proportion of the world’s import and export cargo is transported as so called "conventional general goods" in standardised cargo carriers, such as ISO containers:

  Cargo on EUR- and one-way-pallets
  Cargo in big-bags
  Cargo in wooden crates
  Industrial/mechanical components

According to dimensions, weight or quantity of the cargo netcon int. GmbH offers its customers an individual fitting and economic solution, based on a range of different equipments types which matches the requirements of every cargo:

  20ft. & 40ft. standard/hardtop container
  20ft. & 40ft. flat rack/platform
  20ft. & 40ft. open top container
  20ft. & 40ft. high cube container
  further container types/dimensions

Furthermore netcon offers its customers services from the field of seaworthy packing and stowing, pre- and on-carriage, customs clearance and further, to ensure a comprehensive transport solution vom senders to consignees door.

Learn more about our comprehensive side-services:

 Logistical Side-Services        Pre- and On-Carriage

Seaworthy Stowing & Packing

The seaworthy stowing of cargo carriers, such as containers, flat racks or pallets, is an important part of every sea, air or land-based freight shipment (rail or road) and is essential for protecting the cargo and it’s environment (e.g. rolling movements of ships or truck braking manoeuvres).

Such shipments must also comply with individual guidelines and official, internationally-applicable regulations and, in the case of class 1 hazardous goods (explosive) in particular, goods need to pass through specific monitoring bodies before they can be released for despatch and subsequently shipped or transported.

Besides sustainable load securing, the following points concerning seaworthy storage must also be observed for transportation:

  Condition of the cargo carrier/sufficient certification
  Use of approved dunnage and lashing material 
  Fumigation of cargo carriers (if required)
  Packing certificates must be issued
  Sealing of the cargo carriers by customs
  Sealing of the cargo carriers by the shipper
  Correct labelling of the cargo carrier
  Correct weight distribution

As experienced partner in the sector of securing and stowing of cargo carriers as well as packing and crating of goods, we exactly know what matters to ensure the safe arrival of the goods. 

Following services belong to the competences of netcon int. GmbH:

  Seaworthy stowing of containers and flat racks
  Plywood and solid wood crates
  Container slide-in floors
  Anticorrosive coating (alu- & shrink-wrap)
  Mobile packing teams
  Dangerous goods packaging

We are looking forward to discuss this step in a personal conversation and to issue an individual loading plan. 

Ro-Ro Shipments (roll-on, roll-off)

The field of ro-ro shipments offers a wide range of options and is divided into two different sub-areas: self-rolling and non-self-rolling cargoes.

Self-rolling cargoes are moved onto the respective modes of transport, such as ship, barge or pontoon using available proprietary drive systems or ro-ro loading ramps.

These include the following cargoes:

  Trucks (military/civilian)
  Cars (military/civilian)
  Construction vehicles (excavators, loaders)
  Agricultural machinery
  Armoured vehicles

In addition to the low demands on port infrastructure, this form of transshipment also offers significant time and cost savings.

Non-self-rolling cargoes are moved onto the mode of transportation via the loading ramp using specific semi-trailers and towing vehicles.

These include the following cargoes:

  Project cargoes (e.g. turbines)
  Military aeroplanes
  Civilian aeroplanes
  Track vehicles

This type of transshipment is used for a range of reasons, such as special port infrastructure characteristics, a lack of attachment points on the cargo or other economic aspects.

Just ask us to learn more about our possibilities.

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